The Advantage Of Infomercials Or Direct Response TV

What you should know about the advantage of infomercials?

In reality, if you watch a TV commercial in a 30-second spot. You may be interested to know the product; but that is about it. The next thing you do is search the internet or go to the store to know more of the product or go to the place to know more of the service. This factor is a hassle if you get interested with the product or service right away.

If you are marketing your products and services, your objectives are to generate product/service
knowledge, then leading to market position, and productive revenue. In most circumstances, and in some corporate culture around the globe, you might want to value generating less capital on marketing expenses but maximizing results. But that depends on your marketing concept and direction, products or services, and your budget. And one of the most effective avenue for reaching and persuading vast numbers of people to try your products or services is the television.

This is when infomercials come in. Infomercials are joined terms of “information” and “commercials.” It is a commercial television or radio program offering the sponsor’s/ advertiser’s message to its target market or consumer demographic about the product or service. Infomercials are also known as Direct Response TV (DRTV), obviously, because they are aired on UHF and VHF channels and it results favorable response from its viewers. It is some people’s perception that infomercials are overrated. But no, they are not. The benefit of a direct response TV is its real-time inquiry and the advantage to place an order. This is in contrast with a 30-second commercial where the objective is to increase the visibility of the brand name. DRTV is the best advertising format especially for new and innovative products or services that can be demonstrated and shown.

Products and services like health and fitness products, cosmetics, dermatological and personal care products, nutritional supplements, kitchenware, appliances, spas, salons, and other products and services engage in Direct Response Marketing because they want to achieve a call-to-action: a direct response from a target audience or consumer who have seen your TV spot at a local or cable channel.

Direct Response Marketing or infomercials’ objective is to communicate its message DIRECTLY to its target audience or consumer demographics. Your message is your Product, Place of Distribution, and Price. Your message is mandatory. If you fail to do this, then your marketing strategy is a flop. The strategy to this is to give full information about the service or product; service’s or product’s pricing structure; where they can purchase the product; what the product’s or services unique selling point or the competitive advantage compared to other product type or service type; and the benefits and advantages of the product or the service.

With infomercials, a direct response television advertising agency, have the luxury of advertising placement to media networks to discuss everything about the product in a maximum of a 60-minute slot on TV. Compared with the usual 30-second or 1-minute TV commercials, infomercials can better persuade viewers to look seriously into the product or service, they have the ability to reach, engage and affect the audience intimately to certain degree that some viewers get addicted to watching infomercials to burn time or just because they are hooked.

If you would like to know more about infomercials, direct response TV, or direct response marketing, contact a direct response TV advertising agency near you.

Dhorj Escusa is a web copywriter and PR writer for a web design company that builds websites and increases web visibility through optimization and promotion.

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