About Edward Dovner

Edward Dovner with friends

As a Founder, Inventor and CEO, Edward Dovner has led a wide range of successful “build to sell” strategies in many industries.

A serial entrepreneur and Inventor, he has developed the technology and strategy for a wide range of products that are now patented in the US and around the world.  Edward Dovner has built management teams to successfully grow and ultimately sell his enterprises.

As Founder & CEO, Edward developed and executed a plan that grew one of his recent companies from $9 million ($2M EBITDA) to $85 million ($14M EBITDA) in less then three years which led to a strategic sale.

Edward Dovner has developed significant international distribution for existing products resulting in recurring $10 million in annual sales while increasing margins dramatically

Other Accomplishments:

  • Edward developed distribution model for domestic sales increasing annual distributor sales from $5 million to over $12 million annually
  • Edward funded and developed initial R&D for advanced robotics platform

Edward Dovner started cultivating his entrepreneurial spirit at the tender age of 21 when he became an acclaimed sales agent at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. He then successfully created a niche market company within gourmet coffee industry and sold his business for a substantial profit.  In 1993, Edward launched his own company that he grew to over $90 million in sales. Again, Edward sold the company for a substantial profit in 2010.

Over the past two decades, Edward gravitated into the world of commercial real estate.  Edward’s primary focus in commercial real estate has been with the development of single-family house subdivisions and retail strip centers. Since the sale of his first successful company, the establishing and maintaining of his financial relationships has been the center of Edward’s core business. One Edward’s great strengths lies with his network of financial and real estate contacts. This vast network of financial professionals brings added value to Lockwood’s requirement to borrow debt and raise equity.  To date, Edward has delivered to Lockwood two significant developers along with a number of financial real estate companies.

Edward has supported charities such as Jewish Family Services and Catholic Charities. Ed has three sons and over the years has coached his son’s sports teams and continues to participate in such sports as golf, skiing and sky diving.